Who Am Elijah Stevens?


Follower of Christ, Husband, Father, Teacher,
Mentor, Disciple-maker, Ordinary Guy


My first job was at KFC, followed by several years of boycotting fried chicken. Since then I’ve spent time as a non-coffee drinking Barista, residents assistant in a boys dorm, high school teacher, basketball coach, S.E. Asian Sojourner, church worship leader, English-language instructor, foreign-language student, seminary professor, and pioneer church-planting team leader.

I hope to get my kids raised and moving on to whatever purpose to which God calls them with minimal damage from parents short-comings and mistakes.  I look forward to the second sixteen years with my wife of sixteen years (and then another sixteen after that and another sixteen after that).  My wife is the best.

As for writing, I have 1001 ideas in my head and I try to remember to write new ideas as they come.  I have a fiction book I’ve just started and several more things on which I hope to spend some time…in the down time from my “real job.”

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